Q = E² Your quality assurance is our task.

Advanced Product Quality Planning

APQP = plan quality at the start

G&P Quality Management offers a wide range of trainings & coaching in various Quality Management techniques, such as APQP or Advanced Product Quality Planning. APQP is a project management method developed by the automotive industry that must now be applied by all suppliers at new projects. The aim? All new or altered products must meet the customer’s expectations and they must be delivered on time according to the requested demands (quantities). By drawing up a step-by-step quality plan, you avoid unexpected problems and unpleasant surprises. This on-the-job training teaches you to apply Advance Product Quality Planning within your organisation.

The benefits of a step-by-step plan

The aim of Advanced Product Quality Planning is simple:

  • Make good and clear arrangements with your customer
  • Take care of a well-drawn-up project planning before you start
  • Carefully follow up the progress
  • React in time when problems occur

This allows you to formulate guidelines for the development of a new project. Moreover, you avoid unpleasant surprises you might encounter in the production process.

Applicable in every industry

The experience we acquired in the automotive industry can perfectly be taught and applied in other industries as well, literally or in a lighter version. Could you also use some help in drawing up a quality plan? Sign up for the APQP or PPAP training. Production Part Approval Process is part of Advanced Product Quality Planning, but can be taught separately.