Q = E² Your quality assurance is our task.

Industrial process optimization & training

Standardisation is key

Thinking, working and planning in terms of processes, that is the foundation of each quality management system (QMS). A process is an activity or a succession of activities with the objective to supply products or services which meet the customer’s expectations. G&P Quality Management offers training to help you mapping, ordering and improving your processes and methods.

Start with the (Quality System) basics

Process optimization requires the implementation of at least the most important Quality System Basics into your organisation. The following 4 elements are key to each activity or process:

  • What do we need? > standardised work environment (5S)
  • Who do we need? > standardised operator training
  • How do we need to work? > standardised work instructions
  • How do we know whether we are doing a good job and keep doing a good job? > fast reactions and problem solving exercises if the predefined KPIs show that a problem arises or is already present

The further realisation depends on specific bottlenecks and/or priorities within your organisation, which you can identify by means of an assessment.

Take control

Do you want to identify bottlenecks within your organisation? Thanks to our coaching & training, you are able to analyse all your processes and you acquire all tools for process optimization. Contact us for more information about our services or make an appointment.