Q = E² Your quality assurance is our task.

Basis SPC & Verification Stations

With the aid of SPC or Statistical Process Control you can demonstrate what the possibilities are from your production process and you can monitor them. It allows you, in other words, to manage your processes. The training SPC isn’t made to proclaim complex, mathematical explanation and theories. Each process has a “normal” number of rejects and standstills. The art consists in giving signals that something takes place which isn’t normal. This can be as well negative as positive, but it is very important to react quickly. This enables you to capture/record the positive experiences so they can be relived and the causes for problems and errors being found so they can be eliminated.

For Whom?

This training is useful for everyone that works in a production envirornment, even workers and opertors. The management can by applying visual aids, such as graphs, quickly and clearly see where the oppurtunities lies.

Abutting training Verification Stations

The training Verification Stations is supplementary course on SPC. Here you are taught in which manner the operator and mechanics can immediately react on a too high numer of problems: erros, waist, standstills, … This ensures a first –in-line reaction when problems occurs (and not day(s) after).