Q = E² Your quality assurance is our task.

5S consultancy

Learn all about the 5S methodology and work more efficiently and effectively. Do you want to implement the 5S quality management technique but you don’t know where to start? Count on G&P Quality Management, specialist in 5S consultancy. Our consultants explain precisely how to implement and maintain the 5S methodology.

Discipline & tidiness

5S is a Japanese quality management system developed by Toyota. The fundamental idea is that a tidy and well organised work space is a minimum requirement for an optimal production process and continuous improvement. In a well organised and tidy work space, each employee will always quickly find what he/she is looking for to do his/her job correctly (effective = fewer waste and errors), thus losing less time (efficient = more profit). This will automatically lead to less variation and performances will become better predictable.

Keep everything running

Next to order and tidiness, the material “flow” must be logical and fit together so movements are reduced to a minimum. Thanks to our 5S consultancy, you will be initiated in “bottleneck management”, the aim of which is to ensure that your main machinery and installations never come to a standstill.

Benefit from all the advantages

Contact us today if you want to appeal to our 5S consultancy and develop the 5S methodology within your own organisation. The result? An increased productivity, decreased costs, continuous improvements and more committed and motivated employees.