Q = E² Your quality assurance is our task.

Containment, control and rework

Eliminate all errors in your production process with QM systems

QM systems are developed to guard each step within the production process and to assure that the process does not stop. Each single part, sub-assembly or entire part may show defects or require rework. If an error should occur, it must again disappear; in the production process and certainly in the final product delivered to the customer. We help you to stop (containment), inspect (control) and rework potential errors and defects in your processes.

Basic process principles

Containment, control and rework (CC&R) as part of QM can be performed reactively as well as proactively. Basic requirements for all CC&R activities are:

  • Qualified and trained employees
  • A standardised workplace organisation with the required tools and PPEs
  • Standardised work instructions and result-collecting sheets
  • Pre-defined indicators to measure the performance and efficiency of the tasks

In good hands

G&P Quality Management can rely on a team of experienced operators who are available 24/7 to be hired to perform these jobs quickly, effectively and efficiently, mostly on a temporary basis.

A swift solution

Could you use a hand in your production output? We conduct containment, control and rework activities as a part of QM systems. We offer support to companies in all industries, whether located in Belgium, the Netherlands or the North of France. Contact us now for a swift solution.