Q = E² Your quality assurance is our task.

Production (process) optimization

Glance at the car manufacturer

The basic knowhow for most quality management systems (QMS) is a result of the automotive industry, which is often considered as luminary. Car manufacturer Toyota, for example, developed  lean manufacturing to reduce waste and thus costs to a minimum. G&P Quality Management assist you in implementing and assessing quality management systems originating from the automotive industry.

Assessments and audits

We help you carry out assessments and audits in the following areas:

1. Production processes

It is often difficult to identify or recognize the weaknesses within your organisation. We examine and assess your production processes objectively thanks to many years of experience in the automotive industry. On the basis of these results we propose an action plan for your production process optimization. The results of an assessment or audit can also be used as input for the choice of suppliers and as leverage during purchase. 

2. QMS and ISO 9001

We help you to identify and solve shortcomings in your QMS, e.g. in case of non-conformities as a result of an external audit. Obtaining an ISO certificate is one thing, applying and improving it in all branches of your company at all times is another.

Industrial processes, every market is our home

Whatever you produce or develop, it is essential that all (production) processes run as efficiently and effectively as possible. This means: without errors or waste. Rely on the expertise of G&P Quality Management for your services, production or industrial process optimization. We analyse both production and supplier and implement/optimise your quality management system.

Our services

To fine-tune all procedures, work descriptions, instructions and techniques of your production process, we offer the following services in the field of quality management: